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We provide high quality software technologies to our clients, and develop web applications, mobile applications, CRM and ERP systems. Link to MEET.

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Web programming

The creation of software solutions and applications using the latest technology is a main aspect of our business. From the design of the programme, through its development and visual communication with the user - each of our solutions is precisely selected.

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Custom software

Customized software- CMS, CMR or ERP is the best solution for the operation and execution of each task in our clients' processes. Custom software offers a long-term solution and is easy to maintain, enables modularity and innovation.

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E-commerce solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in commercial activities and practices and numerous developed products for e-commerce and sales, we combine skills and experience for the creation of successfully operating online shops in accordance with market trends.

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Mobile applications

Growing usage of mobile devices and their entry into our daily life have made them an integral part of us- we skilfully deploy technologies needed to develop and create iOS or Android applications-offering efficient and high quality products.

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Experience in design

User experience - UX and User interface - UI are becoming an increasingly important element in the process of creation and use of each digital product - over 15 years of experience in development and provision of products are a guarantee for a right choice.

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Email templates

We can create custom email template for all your needs. An email template is an HTML preformatted email that you can use to create your own unique email template by changing proposed content to your own.

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