DS ERP (Devscale Enterprise resource planning)

DevScale has developed its own Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The system is convenient, easy and can be integrated into any business model.

If you want to receive a demo, please write us to this e-mail: office@devscale.bg

DS ERP modules:

  1. Consumers
  2. User groups
  3. Scoreboard
  4. Employees
  5. Customers
  6. Providers
  7. Orders / Sales
  8. Payments
  9. Products
  10. Logistics of deliveries of manufactured products
  11. Objects of delivery - GPS coordinates
  12. Travel lists
  13. Production of products
  14. Product stocks
  15. Labels / Content of the products
  16. Price lists
  17. Documents (invoices, goods receipts, etc.)
  18. Raw materials
  19. Delivery of raw materials
  20. Stocks of raw materials
  21. Notifications (by email, phone or laptop)
  22. Software fiscalization
  23. Chat rooms between employees
  24. References and schedules
  25. Creating tasks and their implementation

DS ERP can be installed on any server. The system can be accessed through a web browser or by installing a mobile or desktop application.

If you want to receive a demo, please write to our e-mail: office@devscale.bg

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