Solutions offered by Dev Scale under the procedure "Solutions in the field of information and communication technologies and cyber security in small and medium-sized enterprises"

Both ERP and CRM systems are essential tools for your manufacturing business. Investing in the right tools will improve your production efficiency and overall profitability. Until 19.12.2022, you can benefit from a 100% grant for the integration of similar systems in your business. See details of the application under the procedure of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan BG-RRP-3.004 "Technological Modernization" for financing of ICT services for business digitalization.

Eligible candidates are all companies: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, registered no later than 31.12.2019 and at least one employed person per list. Businesses must have net sales revenue for 2021 as follows:

Dev Scale can be your provider for the following ICT services to optimize management, production and logistics processes financed under the program:

ERP solutions feed your business with accurate, real-time data and help you increase efficiency and improve productivity in your organization. Take advantage now of the possibility of European financing, completely free of charge, in order to modernize your production processes.

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