Text analysis using NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)

In today's field of the internet and online services, data is generated with incredible speed and quantity. The generated data has different structures such as text, image, audio and video. Online activities such as articles, website text, blog posts, social media posts generate unstructured text data. Businesses need to analyze textual data to understand customer activities, opinions and feedback in order to successfully benefit more.

Text Analytics has many applications in today's online world. Analyzing tweets on Twitter, we can find current news and people's reaction to a particular event. Amazon can understand user feedback or review the specific product. BookMyShow can find people's opinions about the film. Youtube can also analyze and understand people's views in a video.

Text communication is one of the most popular forms of everyday conversion. We chat, message, share status, email, write blogs, share opinions and give feedback in our daily lives. All these activities generate text in a significant amount, which is unstructured in nature.

NLP allows the computer to interact with humans in a natural way. It helps the computer to understand human language and make sense of it. NLP is applicable to several issues ranging from speech recognition, language translation, document classification to information retrieval. Movie review analysis is one of the classic examples of demonstrating a simple NLP Bag-of-word model in movie reviews.


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