A prize game

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The Chio Prize Game project is a system that creates different types of campaigns and games with different mechanics and conditions for participation. The product includes a representative website, micro websites for campaigns and gaming systems with promo codes, receipts, and more.


The system offers very efficient functions for building the campaign, drawing winners, and processing data. Some of the functionalities are:

  1. User management
  2. Menu management
  3. Slide show
  4. Products
  5. History
  6. Promotions
  7. Video slider
  8. Home page setup
  9. Registered users
  10. Add new campaigns

10.1. Dashboard showing campaign data

10.2. Registered promo codes/receipts

10.3. Drawing

10.4 Validation of a receipt or promo code

10.5. Receiving prizes

10.6. Privacy policy

10.7. Cookie policy

10.8 Rules

  1. Registration via Facebook and Google account


PHP 8, Symfony, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS

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