Printing House ERP

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We developed a comprehensive ERP system tailored for a printing house to optimize their materials and production process management. Here’s a brief overview of each module:

  • Users: Manages user access and permissions for system security and functionality.
  • Customers: Tracks customer details, orders, and interaction history for better relationship management.
  • Providers: Manages supplier information and supply chain activities to ensure seamless material procurement.
  • Printer Types: Categorizes different types of printers available within the production facility.
  • Printers: Manages individual printers, including their status, capabilities, and maintenance schedules.
  • Warehouse: Controls inventory management, including raw materials and finished products, for efficient stock handling.
  • Revisions: Records changes and updates to orders and projects to maintain accurate production tracking.
  • Orders: Handles the lifecycle of customer orders from creation to fulfilment.
  • Print: Manages the printing processes, including scheduling and monitoring jobs.
  • Finishing Works: Oversees post-print production processes like binding, cutting, and packaging.
  • Ready Production: Keeps track of completed products ready for delivery or pick-up.
  • Billing: Facilitates invoicing and financial transactions related to customer orders.
  • Payments: Manages payment processing and tracks customer payments and outstanding balances.
  • Audit: Provides a detailed log of system activities and changes for accountability and compliance.
  • Reference: Generates various reports and references to assist in data analysis and decision-making.

This custom ERP solution significantly enhances the efficiency and transparency of the printing house's operations. By seamlessly integrating modules for user management, order processing, inventory control, and financial transactions, the system ensures streamlined workflows and precise production oversight. The use of advanced technologies like PHP 8 and VueJS allows for a robust, scalable platform that supports the dynamic needs of a modern printing facility, driving both operational excellence and strategic growth.


PHP 8, Symfony 6, MySQL, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3

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