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Reservation management system - inbound tourism

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The system allows Travel Agencies dealing with inbound tourism to perform their daily duties in a 100% secure way. The access to the data is protected by double authentication, and the information is archived in case of loss or failure of the servers using backup data servers.

The working with the system is completely intuitive, divided into clear menus, visible to users with different levels of access - Manager, Sales, Tour Agent, Guide, Accountant and many other options of the contracting authority's choice.

The ERP system can also be used via a mobile device or tablet, as all functions are accessible and fully adaptable to the screen on which they are used.

APIs provide access to connectivity and data exchange with external systems and information sources.


The ERP system is divided into separate modules for easier orientation and faster operation.

Dashboard module – offers general information, short access to basic data and references.

Administration module – from here the access levels are selected, users are managed and their permitted accesses to the system.

Orders module – through this module are controlled created reservations. They are divided by types: Transfers, Private tours, Group tours (according to customer requirements).

Financial Module – provides opportunities for managing cash flows, payments and expected receivables.

Module Products – from here the product categories are created, product details are set, content is selected, content management and connection to external sources via API for WEB – presentation to end customers in real time.

Transport module – manages the types of transport, offers details about conditions, prices, fuel consumption, choice of supplier/driver, etc.

Module Partners – this module coordinates the information and details in the B2B network of the agency - commissions, discount rates, data on subcontractors, etc.

Reports module – the system has a wide selection of tabular reports by selected criteria, setup options, options for export to EXCEL, PDF and other formats. Possibility for visual references in diagrams or another graphic form.

Module Languages – manages the content and costs of the programs according to the selected language of the tourist program. Offers information on foreign language tours and guides with different language skills.

Module Destinations – adding destinations and points in the tourist program - cities, nature parks – connection of the module with the API for automated filters in the WEB presentation to the end customer (at the request of the client).

Additional Services module – manages and reports on the additional services that arise in a travel service – such as event tickets, airline tickets with an additional order

Module External orders – automated entry of incoming reservations from external systems for the operator – GDS, GDR, B2C sales sites / eg. Viator, Tripadvisor, Bokun, GYG, etc./


PHP 8, Symfony 5, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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