DS Travel ERP Outbound

Reservation management system - outbound tourism

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The system allows travel agencies with outbound tourism to perform their daily duties in a quick, easy and convenient way. Everything you need to create and finalize a reservation for travel, accommodation or transport. Generating the necessary documents according to the already entered data for the respective reservation.

100% safe system. Access to the data is protected by double authentication, and the information is archived in case of loss or failure of the servers using backup data servers.

The ERP system can also be used via a mobile device or tablet, as all functions are accessible and fully adaptable to the screen on which they are used. Different user groups (Admin, Agent) can be set. Management through the system is completely intuitive, divided into clear menus, visible to users with different levels of access. Automatic calculation of liabilities from customers and suppliers.

The ERP system is divided into separate modules for easier orientation and faster operation.

Dashboard - Information on outstanding (new and pending) orders.

Administration - Add users, user groups and edit translations in the system.

Payments - This module shows the movements of payments in the system.

Inquiries - Provides information on payments received from customers, payables to suppliers and current balance.

Customers - Management of customers in the system.

Destinations - Manage destinations in orders.

Vendors - Manage vendors in the system.

Orders - Create, edit, export an order.

Foreign Orders - Shows the agent what orders are available (orders created by other agents).

Protocols - A list of protocols from all orders to which the agent has access. Review and edit.

Proforma - A list of proforma of all orders to which the agent has access. Review and edit.

Invoices - A list of invoices from all orders that the agent has access to.

Contracts - A list of contracts from all orders to which the agent has access. View and edit.

Vouchers - A list of vouchers from all orders the agent has access to with the possibility to view.

Order Files - A list of files from all orders that the agent has access to and can view.


PHP 8, Symfony 5, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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