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Software for property and facility management

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Following a customer request for a system to support a property manager, we developed the erp modular system DS Immo. At the beginning, the project includes basic functionalities for the property manager. As time progressed, we added new modules and additional functionalities to facilitate communication between the property manager, the owners and the inhabitants.

DS Immo saves time and minimizes the possibility of errors. Thanks to the different levels of access and the different views for each, DS Immo enables clear reporting and detailed reports at the end of the month or year.

The system has an intuitive interface that is easy to operate and does not require deep technical knowledge. DS Immo is a web-based application that makes it available on any device – desktop, mobile, tablet – with internet access. This feature also implies real-time reporting of data changes.

Some of the main modules in DS Immo are the following:

Dashboard - the initial screen after logging into the system. Displays different information depending on the access level and account currently logged in.

Users – a module for managing the owners and inhabitants of the complex. Only the manager of the complex has the right to enter or edit the users.

Properties - Detailed list of all properties in the complex.

References – through this module all references are generated and extracted in xls. format.

Alerts – Here you can see all the alerts that have been submitted relating to your property, entrance or building;

Liabilities – A detailed list of all liabilities for the properties in the complex. Only visible to the Complex Manager. Only the liabilities for own properties, garages, parking spaces, etc. are visible in the user account.

The structure of the DS Immo erp system allows the removal and addition of new modules according to the needs and requirements of the client. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss cooperation opportunities.

You can read more information about the DS Immo property software on the system's website - https://www.dsimmo.bg/

The user manual, with pictures and descriptions of the functions, can be found here: https://docs.devscale.bg/books/ds-immo-za-sobstvenici


php 8, Symfony, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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