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We developed and integrated a web-based system for internal company training. The system offers different roles for access – administrator, manager and learning.

Team leaders can add training for the purposes of their workflows. In the training, it is possible to add individual lessons in the form of a video or a reading document. Links for video calls with the supervisor or a link for chat communication for questions from the learner can be implemented with each training. An exam file can also be added to the training, to be solved after the completion of the entire course and to be rated by the supervisor afterwards. In this way, there is clear traceability of how many people have started a given training, how many have finished it and how many have completed it with a successful exam.

Employees with learning access to the system can record any active course. In their profile, they can see all started courses, access their materials and attach exam results to the training they have completed. All learners have the option to open a chat with the supervisor about the learning. Files may also be attached to chat correspondence to clarify questions and answers.

Through the reference module, it is quick and easy to see how many employees have signed up for training on a specific date and how many trainings have been completed.


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