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An international transport company with its own fleet of vehicles, and trucks equipped with navigation and GPS, covering all the requirements of its customers for easier and faster access to their cargo, contacted us about the development and integration of an ERP system to fully meet the needs of their business. The ERP system is modular and allows the addition of new functionalities as well as the modelling of existing ones. If the scale of the company changes, we will be able to react with adequate measures and solutions so that they can continue to use the system to the fullest.

The ERP system is a web-based application that allows it to be used on any device as long as they have access to the Internet. Some of the modules in the system are the following:


1.1. Order management - DASHBOARD module - with a tabular listing of all orders with a status other than Archive.

- Option to change the status - according to the current information on the order

- Option to add additional text and description - to the order

1.2. Management of the financial and accounting activities of the enterprise

    1.2.1 TAX DOCUMENTS module:

o Invoices and credit memos - can be sent directly through the system via email with a link to download the invoice. Invoice recipients are added to the customer profile. The system keeps a complete log of sent invoices.

o Expense invoices

o Banks and bank accounts

    1.2.2 Company CASH REGISTER module – different cash flow categories

1.3. Supply Chain Management - CUSTOMERS Module

    1.3.1. Individual clients

o Name, social security number, address, city, customer code, files (contract, offer, etc.)

    1.3.2. Clients legal entities

o Name, company data, UIC, VAT number, address, accountable person, customer code, files (contract, offer, etc.)

1.4. Sales Management - ORDERS Module

- Order for transport – from the Client


- Selection of vehicles - from a drop-down menu with all entered into the system by registration number

- Subcontractor – free text field

- Loading address

- Shipping address

- Description of order content

- Request date - selection from a calendar

- Final delivery date

- Price without VAT

- Documents to the order - attached

1.5. Warehouse management – WAREHOUSE module:

    1.5.1. Products

o Spare parts

o Tires

o Oils

o Consumables

    1.5.2. Warehouses

    1.5.3. Providers

    1.5.4. Deliveries

    1.5.5. Stocks

    1.5.6. Discharges - by motor vehicle from those entered into the system

1.6. Management of logistics processes - VEHICLE module

- Brand and Model - text

- Reg. Number - text

- Vehicle type – text

- Parts of the warehouse written on it

1.7. USERS/USER GROUPS module – The system supports multiple user roles and multiple users, and when entering all users must be personal


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