Roster ERP

ERP system for storage, recycling and waste processing base

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Another successful project we are proud of is Roster ERP. Roster Ltd. specializes in any type of demolition activity and offers its customers complex solutions related to the entire process of demolition of buildings and dismantling of facilities, including earth-excavation activities, loading and transportation, as well as recycling and production of construction products from construction waste.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software solutions, we were able to fully digitize our client's business processes. After analysis of the existing customer system, numerous consultations and cooperation with the operations manager, our ERP software meets the requirements and expectations of Roster Ltd. to the highest degree.

Roster ERP is a complete solution for managing processes in a production and warehouse environment. Some of the functionalities and modules of the system include:

  • Dashboard
  • Automobile scales, Platform scales and Warehouse scales - directly connected to the system.
  • Warehouses - receipt, removals, dispatch, treatments;
  • Track average warehouse price in individual warehouses
  • Deliveries – scheduling of deliveries;
  • Nomenclature
  • Formation of waste from treatment – AI predicts what products and quantities will be formed from waste treatment. Automatic discharge and receipts in the respective warehouses. Full traceability of what the new raw materials were formed from. Calculation of cost of new products after processing/treatment.
  • Administrative access – a system access role with full rights for manual data changes as needed.
  • Merchant’s functions – separate access for merchants, through which they can manage deliveries, add and edit items, etc.
  • Auto generation of documents - warehouse receipts, commodity receipts, weighing notes, proformas, invoices, credit notes, etc.
  • Print labels with barcode/QR code and product information (name, net weight, gross weight, date)
  • Tracking of incoming and outgoing vehicles by scanning the registration number and GPS tracking of the vehicle;
  • Human resources and access – organizing employees by departments/job positions. Set access to the necessary modules and functionalities to efficiently perform daily tasks. Roster ERP has no restrictions on the number of user accounts. The company grows, the system grows with it.
  • References - easy systematization of information on the processes in the organization. Inquiries on specific activities and processes or by time period, warehouse movements, complete reference of quantities and prices in all warehouses, on a separate warehouse, on a specific product and on a set period.
  • Generate tabular reports for accounting and manager regarding stocks and prices
  • Complete records (logs) of all data and changes
  • Backup of all data
  • History of delivery and sale prices
  • The system takes real data from the stock exchange for the price of metals and predicts the selling price
  • Analysis of the shipping and selling price of each product. Track average warehouse price in individual warehouses
  • Recalculation of average warehouse price when delivery price changes
  • Analysis of income and expenses

DevScale provides complete and detailed documentation for each of its products. Through it, our clients get a clear picture of the system we have integrated for them and its capabilities and functions.

Roster ERP is explicitly developed according to the requirements and needs of the client. A similar system can be designed and integrated into your business. The modular structure of Roster ERP allows us to add, remove or modify modules according to the specifics of your business. Write to us with details about your company and we will offer you the most suitable system for your business.


PHP 8, Python, SciPy, Serial Port Communication, Symfony 5.4, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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