ERP system for optimizing business processes in the production of sandwiches

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We created the ERP system entirely for the needs of the client - Euro Catering, producer of Win sandwiches. After accepting the order and starting the project, we cleared all the details of the functionalities and settings of the system. After several months of work, a new ERP system adapted to the specifics of the client's activity is in place.

The ERP Win system is web-based. It can also be installed on mobile devices or a desktop computer, which facilitates access to its use.

Some of the functionalities of the system are:

Management of stocks of raw materials, management of stocks of ready production, staff management, customer management, management of price lists and promotions.

Artificial intelligence in production - We have created artificial intelligence, which provides the required daily amount for the production of sandwiches according to customers and the season. In this way, the amount of waste is reduced and optimization of work and raw materials is achieved.

Artificial intelligence in delivery - We have created artificial intelligence that optimizes the route of drivers to the sites. Depending on the location of the site and the current traffic, the driver's list is being changed dynamically.

ERP Win also offers automation of tasks such as:

- automation of orders - the customer can place an order himself. The company receives a notification that there is a new order. The customer receives a notification that his order has been confirmed.

- real-time monitoring of stocks of raw materials and produced products. An alarm is set in case of missing or if they are at a critical level.

- automatic creation of transport sheets with objects for drivers every day. The software calculates the most optimal route by objects.

According to the client's needs, the ERP system contains the following modules:


The module contains information on: quick buttons for order creation, revision, delivery and production. Table with missing or reduced raw materials to a critical level. The number of orders and number of deliveries. Recently generated invoices, goods receipts and transport sheets.


The module contains information about each user and in which user group he is - administrator, operator, expedition;


Information and data for each provider.


Information and data for each client / each client can own more than one object for delivery of the production and a special price list or individual promotion can be added /.

Price lists

Creating different price lists. Each customer can be connected to a specific price list.


Orders can be placed by the operator by phone or the customer can place an order for the respective site and products he wants / the customer makes an order from his own profile /. In the same module there is the issuance of an invoice or goods receipt. Upon confirmed order, the quantities of the products are written off from the warehouse.

Production requests

Employees have the opportunity to make orders for the production of various products (sandwiches). After requesting production, the required amount of raw materials is written off from the warehouse. Once produced, the products are added to the warehouse.

Produced stock

Shows the current status of the production divided by product type and date of expiry.


Name, description, prices of the products.

Delivery warehouse

Delivery to the warehouse. Description of type of raw material, quantity, price and supplier. After delivery is introduced, the stocks of the specified raw material are updated - increased.

Stock availability

Information on the current condition of the raw materials in the warehouse, sorted by expiry date.

Audit warehouse

Possibility to make an audit of the warehouse.

Raw materials warehouse

Description of raw materials: name and unit of measurement.


Description of each employee in the company.


PHP 8, Symfony, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PWA

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