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A landing page is a stand-alone web page created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. In other words, landing pages are designed with a single goal in mind – a specific call-to-action.

DevScale has extensive experience building landing pages for a variety of purposes and for a variety of clients. The administration of the pages is done by its own CMS, which allows full management of the content, change of photos, texts, etc.

We have experience in building online promo campaigns with registration of participants and drawing of winners. The landing page and campaign settings are managed by a custom CMS developed by us. This allows the implementation of specific modules, algorithms and functionalities. DS CMS enables:

  • Page settings and management
  • Creation and setup of new campaigns
  • Campaign dashboard
  • User management
  • Validation of receipts and promo codes
  • Automatic drawing of winners
  • Records and reports on registrations

Adding new campaigns is easy and intuitive. In this way, the client is independent of developers and IT specialists and can manage the promotional campaigns in their business themselves.

The landing page allows the user to create a profile if the campaign requires it. In this case, users register once and create an account, then only add new receipts or promo codes to their own accounts. Through this profile, they can track all their registered notes/codes and also see what prize they have won if they are among those drawn.

Depending on the terms of the campaign, the creation of a user profile may not be required. In this case, every time a receipt/promo code is registered, the user enters contact details - name, phone and email.

A list of all registered game participants is available in the admin panel. Each entry can be verified to be legitimate.

Mechanisms for drawing winners depend on the specific terms of the campaign. Automatic drawing of winners can be set with specific settings – at the end of the campaign from among all participants for the period, every week from among the registrations for the week, daily or any other set condition;

In the event that the terms of the campaigns are different for each new and subsequent campaign, a manual prize draw may be entered for a selected time period, number of winners and type of prize. With one click on the “Draw” button, you see the chosen participants in a list below.

The algorithm also sets a condition for participation in the draw - for example, 1 user can be drawn for 1 type of prize; 1 user can be drawn only 1 time for the campaign; to participate in the prize draw, the user must have registered n-number of promo codes or receipts.

Each winning draw may be approved or declined according to the terms of the game. In the event of an entrant's refusal, there is an option to manually draw an additional winner.

After approval of the drawn winning participants, their names are displayed in the Winners section of the campaign landing page. They automatically receive an email with a unique link to enter prize delivery details.

The system also allows analysis of registrations. Entrants drawn to win a prize may be analyzed for unusual activity in promo code registrations. In such cases, they may be refused and new entrants may be drawn.


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