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System for doctors and pharmacists

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A system for doctors and pharmacists who offer certain products. Each of them has the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the product through a presentation. The acquired knowledge can be checked by solving a test that is specially designed for the respective product.

Customer part

Only registered users (doctors and pharmacists) have access to the client part
Each user can change personal data
Each user can see the accumulated points so far
Each user sees the prizes along with their points. After accumulating the respective points, there is an opportunity to order the respective prize. Enter a delivery address.
Each user can solve tests for the respective product
The test is generated randomly and shuffled by pre-created questions

The administrative panel

Only people who manage the system and the information in it have access to the administrative panel. The panel is developed on the basis of the already created universal DS CMS system.

User module

  1. Actions

    • Add new users
    • Edit all user information
    • Delete / Deactivate user
    • User filtering

  2. Filling fields
    • Name and surname
    • Medical Center
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Password
    • Specialty
    • City

Module products

  1. Actions

    • Add a new product
    • Product editing
    • Delete / Hide product
    • Product filtering

  2. Filling fields

    • Name of the product
    • Short description
    • Photo
    • Adding files - ppt. or pdf. (these files can represent the presentations themselves)
    • Add a link to the video. The video can be uploaded to youtube 
    • Add questions to the product. (Questions module)
    • In each product, there is a section in which you can see all the questions about the product. You can add, edit and delete a question.

Module questions

  1. Actions

    • Add a question
    • Edit question
    • Delete question
    • Filter questions

  2. Filling fields

    • A field for the content of the question
    • Enter answers to the question
    • Marking the correct answer
    • Enter points for the relevant question

Module tests

This module visualizes all tests performed with their information. Which user took the test, when did he complete the test, which product, how many points did he collect in total, success rate, what questions did he ask and how did he answer them.

  1. Actions

    • Consideration of the tests performed
    • Filter tests (by user, date, product, etc.)

Rewards module

  1. Actions

    • Add a reward
    • Edit a reward
    • Delete а reward
    • Reward filtering

  2. Filling fields

    • Name of the award
    • Photo
    • Points for ordering the prize

Order module

This module marks all orders placed by users for a given prize.

  1. Actions

    • Consideration of an order
    • Edit an order
    • Order cancellation
    • Order filtering


PHP, Nginx, VPS, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, DS CMS

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