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We have created an advanced web-based application designed to serve as an audio guide for the most popular destinations in Bulgaria. This web application uses advanced web technologies to provide a seamless and engaging user experience.

Our development process focuses on creating a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing easy navigation for users of all technical backgrounds. The application supports high-quality audio streaming and offers a comprehensive library of audio guides providing rich, informative content about the most iconic places in Bulgaria.

The main functionalities of the web application include:

Geolocation Integration: The app delivers location-specific audio content. Automatically offers relevant audio guides based on the user's current location, enhancing the overall experience.

Multi-Language Support: The app offers multi-language support.

Easy management and maintenance: The application and its content are managed through our own CMS. It allows you to easily add, edit and manage audio files, add or remove tourist spots, manage audio package prices and generate promo codes for ordering.

Scalability: Built with progress in mind to accommodate future enhancements and an expanding product base.

Technical specifications

API integration: APIs used for location services, map integration, etc.

Responsive design: Ensures optimal performance and accessibility on different devices and screen sizes.

Benefits for users

Improved travel experience: Allows users to easily select, play and manage audio files with minimal delay.

Offline Accessibility: The app works even in remote locations without internet access, ensuring hassle-free research. You only need to load the audio files into it once via Internet access, and then there is no problem playing them even in the deepest cave.

By integrating cutting-edge web development techniques, we have created a reliable, scalable and highly engaging platform that enriches the travel experience for users, making it a valuable tool for exploring Bulgaria's cultural and historical treasures.


JavaScript, React JS, HTML, CSS, Google Map API, Storage API, Fetch API, PWA

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