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Sound wave visual generator tool

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We developed a tool for visualizing a sound wave. The generator is integrated into a website and is easily accessible from all devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Methodology of work:

- An audio file is uploaded and with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) the generator turns it into a graphic sound wave;

- The sound wave can be stylized according to basic criteria - colors, typology, wavelength, etc;

- The uploaded audio file is played by scanning the visualized sound wave with your mobile device. So you can hear your picture at any time!

The technologies and languages ​​used to develop the generator are ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Python, scipy, ffmpeg, numpy.

The generator is related to the project of an online store "Picture of Sound", the description of which can be found in our projects.


ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Python, scipy, ffmpeg, numpy

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