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We created and integrated a new task management and reporting system for a large law firm. The purpose of the system is to provide more precise traceability in the daily tasks of all employees in the office. This happens with different access levels and roles in the system. Both employees of the law firm and their partners (external persons) work in the system, who also report their time and expenses on a given project.

Work teams are set up for each individual project, and all team members can enter individual tasks that they perform on the given project. To facilitate accountability when the task is started in the system, a timer is started that counts down the time to complete the task. The time is recorded automatically when marking the end of the task.

The system also allows reporting of project costs. It can be used to track whether a project is completed on time and is profitable or vice versa. There is also financial reporting. Reports can be generated at any time based on various criteria. References can be extracted in tabular .xls or pdf format.

Team leaders and project managers can also generate work reports detailing the project. Reports are extracted in xls or pdf format and are ready to be sent, printed or archived.

Modules in the system include:

- Dashboard;

- Clients;

- Projects;

- Unbound tasks;

- Automatic time countdown;

- Reference;

Every screen in the system features a green "Start Countdown" button so the user can quickly and easily start working on their current task. Just enter a task title and select which project it applies to. He can add additional information about it later.

Kambourov Task Management System is developed entirely according to the requirements and needs of the client. It is accompanied by a detailed user manual of the system in order to reduce the training time of each employee.


php 8, Symfony 5.4, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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