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Module for authorization of real disciplines

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Our team has developed a module for the Authorization of real disciplines within a university management system for disciplines, students and teachers. The main functions of the module include:

- Registration of real discipline

- Editing of real discipline

- Reference:

 - Real disciplines: Excel reference for all disciplines and classes in a given semester with the possibility of filtering by curriculum and department.

- Reference for teams: Information about the teaching teams, held classes during a given semester, with the possibility of grouping and sorting.

 - Elective courses: List of elective courses, professors, timetable and credits for the selected semester.

 - Missing information: Detects gaps or inaccuracies in data for real disciplines.

 - Real - Learning disciplines: Links between learning and real disciplines with the possibility of filtering.

- View edits of the real discipline

- Copying real subjects from the previous academic year

- Change of active semester

This module greatly facilitates the management of academic processes by providing powerful reference and administration tools.


Java, Java Spring Boot, SAP HANA, React JS, HTML, CSS

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