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We present to you one of our latest projects: an innovative educational platform designed exclusively for hairdressing professionals. Cristian of Roma approached us following a referral from a satisfied customer, with a request to build a tutorial platform. The goal of the project is for our client to be able to provide their "franchise" salons with new methods of use and details of their new products. Our platform offers a comprehensive collection of video trainings tailored to improve the skills and knowledge of professional hairdressers.

Cristian of Roma has the largest network of sales representatives and distributors for hairdressing and beauty salons. We are extremely grateful for the referral from one of our satisfied customers who brought us the leader in hair products, underscoring our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and customer satisfaction.

With our easy-to-use platform, hairdressers have access to a wide range of video tutorials from renowned industry experts. These trainings cover various techniques, trends and details of Cristian of Roma products.

To ensure exclusivity and security, access to specific training modules is restricted to registered partners only. Through our advanced content management system (proprietary DS CMS), the client has full control over the management of access permissions, ensuring that the right individuals can benefit from targeted trainings.

Stay tuned for updates on this platform for trainings and other innovative projects. Contact us to explore how we can create custom developments to meet your specific business needs. Let's transform business together through cutting-edge technology and customized software solutions.


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